Implementation Plans:

As 250 participants of the World Peace Convention 2018 from 17 countries,  

1. We recognize that realizing lasting peace relies on the transformation of the current dominant world system. Therefore, we are resolved to build solidarity to help realize peace through our lives together. To this end, we will forge a tentatively named “People-centered global network for peace” and start provisional works – through on-line and off-line efforts – to activate this network.       

2. We are inspired by the wind of peace that began to rise on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of the candle revolution in South Korea. We affirm that the summits between South Korea, North Korea and US should be based on the principles of building genuine peace in the Korean Peninsula. We therefore demand that the whole peace process including removal of sanctions, declaration of the end of war and construction of a peace system should be undertaken simultaneously with the denuclearization process. We express our deep concerns regarding the attitudes of US and Japanese governments seeking denuclearization first and a security guarantee next.       

3. We support the decision of the two leaders of both South and North Korea to jointly host the 100th anniversary commemorative event of the March 1st 1919 peaceful uprising. We hope and will make efforts to ensure that the joint events – at Seoul and Pyeongyang in March in 2019 – will be a historic opportunity to revive/reactivate a people-centered peace movement in the Korean Peninsula and beyond, following the historic experience of 100 years ago. 

4. We are of the view that a collective consensus and support of the neighboring countries – China, Russia, Japan and the US – on the Korean Peninsula peace process is crucial for its success. We express deep concerns regarding the right-wing turn of the Japanese government and attempts to remove its peace constitution. At the same time, we express our strong solidarity with the people’s peace movement to keep the peace constitution intact. In this regard, we will form a tentatively named “Civil Society Network on Peace-building in East Asia” between civil societies in both countries, through which we will collaborate in strengthening democracy and peace in both countries as well as in the region.      

5. We express our deep sympathy for, and solidarity with those who are suffering  in  conflict-ridden countries such as Syria, Palestine, Congo, Yemen, and feel a strong sense of responsibility as global citizens. We commit to exploring and developing channels of solidarity.

 6. We pledge to organize a tentatively named “World Peace Forum” bringing together as many peace activists as possible ,in commemoration of the historic movements that took place one century ago such as the Feb. 8th Independence Declaration by Korean students in Tokyo, the March 1st nation-wide independence movement in Korea, and the May 4th movement in China. The World Peace Forum will be formed with a view to solidifying the infra-structure of people-centered and people-initiated peace movement in the Korean Peninsula, East Asia as well as throughout the world.